If a person is contemplating having an abortion there are a number of issues to consider as there is with any medical procedure or life-changing decision. To make an educated, well thought-out choice, one may want to know what it’s going to cost financially, what the possible physical risks are to their body, and how the procedure may affect them emotionally or psychologically.

The financial cost of an abortion varies greatly depending on the following factors:

  1. Whether the procedure is surgical (In-clinic) or medically induced (abortion pill)
  2. Where the procedure takes place (costs vary from state to state)
  3. Insurance/income (possible qualification for financial assistance) and finally
  4. Duration of the pregnancy

The cost of a surgical abortion typically ranges from 0 to $3,275. Abortions performed in hospitals or in a physician’s office generally cost slightly more than those performed in an abortion clinic. Prices also increase as the pregnancy progresses. Out-of-pocket costs vary depending on Insurance companies and, of course, a person’s particular insurance policy. However, the following are approximate average costs of an abortion at the different stages in the pregnancy:

First trimester:
6-12 weeks: $350 to $650

Second Trimester:
13-15 weeks: $650 to $900
16-17 weeks: $1050
18-19 weeks: $1700

Late term abortions (allowed in certain states or in rare cases to protect the life of the mother):
20-21 weeks: $2,225
22-24 weeks: $3,275

The cost of the abortion pill (RU486) is about $650.

The possible physical costs of abortion are many and a person should have an awareness and some understanding of what they are. Complications and side effects of abortion increase with the progression of the pregnancy. Physical risks include the following:
-Excessive bleeding
-Adverse reaction to anesthesia
-Damage to organs (perforated uterus, bowel or bladder injury)
-Retained abortion tissue causing infection
-Septic shock
-Prolonged pain or cramping
-Death (10 deaths reported in the US in 2010 from legal induced abortions)

The various potential emotional and/or psychological cost of abortion is somewhat controversial and incomplete. It is difficult to measure some of the ways in which having an abortion may or may not affect a person. It is commonly reported that the abortion procedure affects women in one way or another more than they expected it would. Some of the problems associated with ending a pregnancy, however, may have been present prior to the procedure. Nonetheless, because having an abortion is a serious decision, the following possible risks should be noted, at the same time, realizing the duration and intensity of these conditions vary from person-to-person:
-Depression or sadness
-Desire for a replacement baby
-Eating disorders
-Guilt or regret
-Insomnia or other sleeping disorders
-Loss of self-confidence or self-respect
-Mood disorder
-Sense of loneliness or isolation
-Substance use (alcohol, marijuana, etc.)
-Suicidal thoughts or feelings
-Relationship issues
-Uncontrollable crying

The spiritual cost of an abortion may be the least considered. Thinking about what one believes to be true about themselves, God, or the developing child (pregnancy) may have a greater impact than a person realizes. One should consider what their beliefs are and ask themselves if a decision to end their pregnancy will have a positive or negative effect on their spiritual life.

The costs of having an abortion is multifaceted. It includes not only your finances, but you’re your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health as well. Take time to seriously consider all of the risks before making your final decision.

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